“Don’t let that innocent face fool you” writes her Ex boyfriend.  He writes to GF Revenge.com  that she dumped him after she hooked up with another guy from a frat party. He tells GF Revenge that he’s always been the nice guy who catered to her needs.

Well, the tables have turned and it is pay back time. Anyone smell the sweet revenge that’s about to take place against this poor nice guy’s girlfriend? Well, the GF Revenge staff definitely does.  Luckily this guy has sex videos saved with this bitchy, cheating, ex cheerleader girlfriend which contains footage of her giving him a blowjob while drunk and in her cheerleader uniform.  Looks like this slut likes to have role play sex. But that’s okay. Porn is porn and if you can jerk off to it, then that’s all that matters. Anyway, enjoy watching his revenge video against his ex girlfriend.

Watch the Video Here

This is an amateur picture taken of his ex girlfriend

The Slutty Girlfriend In Her College Cheerleader Uniform Giving Head